After several successful chapters of A Weekend Alone, the time has finally come to revisits Giantess-fan’s FIRST foray into the “Unaware Giantess” fetish: A Secretary’s Tale! Picking up immediately where #1 left off, Loretta Jones continues her innocent, quiet day at the office while even more of her shrunken co-workers are accidentally crushed and terrorized in stunningly rendered Black and White!

If you like your giant ladies clueless then this comic is for you!

Synopsis: Loretta goes to her office workplace to find it empty. Everyone there has shrunk and she accidentally steps on and sits on many of the tiny people.
Pages:   30 + cover
Tags: Crush, stomp, shrunken man, shrunken woman, boob crush, climb, body exploration, unaware
Author: Kevin Fred
Artists: SednaStudio- Xue

Comic series link: A Secretary’s Tale

The people of the city looked up in amazement at the spectacle above the rooftops of the medium sized houses. A ring had appeared, flashing in the brightest colors, seemingly made of pure energy. While some thought it was some divine being others retreated fearfully. Slowly the ring became bigger and bigger until it passed the mile within an hour.

The colors suddenly disappeared within a flash and for a second or two there was something seen in the circle as if reflected in a mirror. It was too short too clearly tell what it was but most saw a room. A room where about 20 human girls from another dimension waited to enter this world and have a nice day without littering or damaging their own environment. These ‘hoppers’, as this trend was called was a large group of young women between 18 and their mid 20s, just waiting to have some fun.

A second after the room appeared the sight was blocked by the first women. She was a bout 21, blonde and was wearing a white bikini with flower imprints. Her Skirt revealed most of her long legs that ended in a pair of high wedge sandals. Under her right arm she was carrying a blanket, in her left a picnic basket. She looked like a normal human person like you see every day on the streets, maybe not this kind of beauty but the real special thing about her was that she filled nearly the whole hight of the mile-tall ring. Her eyes where hidden behind black sunglasses but she looked to the left and the right before she looked down, right at the city beneath her and without any further thought took the (for her) small step down.

Her foot impacted like a bomb, smashing everything and everyone beneath it into a deep imprint of hers. Her second step was placed equally as careless.

She stepped aside to let the next girl through and the next and the next.

With the dreadfully natural feeling of walking on a lawn in the park the girls scattered over the landscape, with only a small minority even suspecting what went on at their feet before it got crushed beneath them. They laid down to sunbath at this nice summer day or played games like badminton or volleyball, sat in a circle and talked or simply went for a walk in this new world. Cities, woods, humankind and every other creature on land got degraded to the same thing. A blade of grass on the lawn, an ant on the sidewalk or simply grains of sand on the beach, until the sun started to set and the girls left.

There was nothing left in the whole area but a muddy trampled place full of footprints and large gray areas where only the slightly bigger chunks of cement, the visible colorful dots of twisted metal of former cars and the small puddles of water coming from burst pipes could give the idea of a city.

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Alex was a fine student of physics. His teacher, Lucy, asked him to come up with something unique for the science fair. Alex created a device for increasing the size of objects, in his mind to decrease world hunger, however the device was also capable of shrinking objects. When Lucy learned this she shrunk Alex down and proceeded to use him for 2 hours straight.

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Liara has used a Prothean relic to shrink Shepard down to doll-size, to his surprise, in preparation for their next mission. Miranda is aware of the decision, but is unsure of Liara’s choice of methods….

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Eli is back and bigger than ever, outgrowing the Gods themselves in the final instalment of our most popular series to date!

…Or is it? Stay tuned!

Synopsis: Elli Booth wished on a Norse chaos magic talisman to be “bigger than this.” Becoming a rapidly-growing, super-horny giantess, she had achieved galactic size, but was plucked into the realm of Norse mythology. In this dimension, she starts as the same size as a giantess’ finger. But is Elli the one for whom the giantesses have been waiting? Could Elli be the Goddess of Growth?
Pages:   15 + cover
Tags: Giantess, growth, clothes ripping, giantess, vore, destruction, insertion, violence, mega-gts, multiple gts, butt crush, boob crush, foot crush
Author: Mac Rome
Artists: Davide Tinto

Comic series link: Bigger Than This

Like Predator, this beautiful, giantess, warrior race loves to test their mettle by testing their hand to hand combat skills against primitive cultures like ours. The last time they were in our star system, we were still using gunpowder only for fireworks and made a note to revisit this planet in a thousand years or so. We must have showed some potential for warfare for them to test their skills against us. Apparently this is quite an honor.

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After an intense space battle, Ahsoka’s ship has found a wormhole, and crash lands on an unknown world(to her), called Earth. As she escapes the wreckage, she wonders into a tiny city, and finds the inhabitants to be really tiny. She tries to calm the people down running away from her on the ground, but to no avail, finally she scoops a couple earthlings in her hand and tries to tell them, she is not a threat.

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Greta had learned that her husband was cheating on her with his sexy lab partner and burst into the lab to confront them. In a fit of rage she grabbed the experimental shrink ray and fired upon the two. There was a bright blue flash and the next thing she knew the objects of her rage were now tiny things crawling out of their clothes. In her triumph she held up the gun but found it now larger than before and her clothes now loose. She had just lost a third of her size, and could feel herself still shrinking.

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After Mrs. Marvel shrank the captured super-villains of the world, it turned out that the scientists who worked on it had become radioactive, and would have an inverse effect on the women they were most exposed to! One of them, Mr. Peter Parker, wound up causing three of the women in his life to grow; Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, and the Black Cat! They were furious, and began tearing the city apart trying to find him. In an effort to stop them, they intentionally grew Spider-Woman to giantess size as well. Unfortunately, her pheromones at that scale simply changed the furious women’s rampage into a lustful one. The Avengers were called to deal with the situation, but things aren’t going so well…

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